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  Brian Button
Principal Consultant
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Summary: I have 15 years of highly technical experience as a successful software developer, leader, architect, and consultant. In my current position, I am responsible for advising and leading entire project teams through organizational transitions to an agile style of development. I currently travel the world teaching, mentoring, programming, and consulting on all things agile.
Work Experience
Nov 2002 to

Agile Solutions Group, Principal Consultant. Principal consultant for St. Louis based firm specializing in helping companies and project teams transition to agile methodologies, including Extreme Programming. Responsibilities include coaching business community to leverage agile practices in their project management and mentoring development staff in learning agile programming practices and object oriented programming.

March, 1999 to
Nov, 2002

Object Mentor, Inc, Senior Consultant. One of five very senior consultants who travel the world, teaching our clients about agile development. Typically the first company representative on site with client. Responsible for teaching language, OO, and agile development courses, mentoring developers, and helping entire organizations transition to agile development. While not at a client site, work independently to create new classes, learn new technology, write, and participate in community forums. Recent highlights include:

MAJOR INSURANCE COMPANY - Involved with transitioning this organization to Extreme Programming. Assignment began with a 4-day Extreme Programming Immersion course, and continued with on-site coaching and mentoring in Extreme Programming practices, team building, agile testing.

EMBEDDED SYSTEM CONSULTING - Client developing embedded consumer device. Taught client manager incremental planning techniques to solve problem of chronically late deliveries with uncertain quality and content. Also coached and mentored all programmers on team in object-oriented programming techniques, test driven development, and C++.

SHRINK-WRAPPED SECURITY APPLICATION - Responsible for transitioning three different client teams to Extreme Programming methodology. Worked with project management, quality assurance, and programmers to teach appropriate agile development skills to each group. Helped project management plan project incrementally. Worked closely with all developers to teach them pair programming, test driven development, and refactoring. All code was written in Java in a web-based environment.

E-COMMERCE XP TRANSITION - Worked with business coach to transition team from traditional phased development methodology to XP. Involved working with all levels from CEO to developers to assist in transition. Organized release and iteration planning meetings, trained on-site coaches and developers in XP practices, participated in pair-programming, advised on all technical issues.

WEB-BASED PROVISIONING SYSTEM - Responsible for leading successful implementation of 3-tier Java web project for cell-phone provider. Involved sole responsibility for architecture definition, OO and language training and mentoring, assigning tasks to developers, pair-programming and coaching developers, and interface to management.

COURSES TAUGHT - Principles of Object Oriented Development with UML, Advanced Object Oriented Design, Test Driven Development, Refactoring, Extreme Programming Immersion, C++, Java.

Oct., 1997 to
March, 1999
Insight Technology Group, Inc., Senior Consultant. Led several different teams on C++ projects. Responsibilities included being lead consultant on site, OO consultant for major defense contractor, and architect in charge of data transformation effort for major reinsurance firm.
1995 to 1997 BABware Consulting Services, Inc., Owner. Consultant to Xerox to assist in development of control software for new line of digital copiers. Software was developed in C++ using strong object oriented practices, including adherence to Booch Methodology. Duties included high level analysis, design, implementation, and testing of several major subsystems, OO mentoring and advising, and dependency analysis.
1994 to 1995 Centennial and Associates, Inc., Senior Systems Analyst. Responsible for initial systems engineering of Network Security subsystem in NASA-JSC Consolidated Control Center. Responsible for requirements definition, risk analysis, and design used to protect network integrity during Space Shuttle missions. Delivered presentation of results to NASA department heads.
1991 to 1994 Western Geophysical, Design Engineer. Responsible for networking, communication, and process initiation software on two different products. Work done in C++ using strong OO design skills.
1990 to 1991 Oxford and Associates, Inc., Software Engineer. Responsible for networking control software used to control workstation connectivity at NASA-JSC Control Center.
1987 to 1990 Systems Application Engineering, Inc., Systems Analyst. Responsible for designing relational database layout and applications software for automation of oil and gas production fields in C/Unix/Unify environment.
Community Involvement
2003 Program Committee, Agile Development Conference, Salt Lake City, UT, June.
Tutorial Chair, XP/Agile Universe Conference, New Orleans, LA, August.
2002 A Gentle Introduction to Extreme Programming, ITEC Conference, St. Louis, May.
Developing Wireless Applications Using Extreme Programming, Embedded Systems Conference, Chicago, June.
Tutorial Chair, XP/Agile Universe Conference, Chicago, IL, August.

Program Committee, XP/Agile Universe Conference, Cary, NC, August.
Founder and Leader, XPSTL, Extreme Programming in St. Louis User Group.

1997 to 1999 Product Review Editor, C++ Report Magazine.
Languages: Java, JSP, XML, HTML, C++, Unix Shell (sh, bash), Ruby, Python, C#.
Methodologies: Extreme Programming, Agile Development, Iterative and Incremental Development, Test Driven Development, Object Oriented Development.
1983 to 1987 Rice University, Houston, TX, BSEE.

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