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Our mission in life is simple -- Agile Solutions Group is dedicated to helping companies get more value for their software development investment. We do this by following several very simple, common-sense principles that are surprisingly rare in our industry:

  • The understanding that things change during a project. Economies rise and fall, competitors release new versions of their products, new demands arise in your market. Each of these can cause the requirements of your project to change. This change is not a bad thing, to be controlled and squelched. It is these very changes that will make your product uniquely suited to your industry. The important thing is for your project methodology to embrace these changes and allow you to incorporate them into your project plan easily, inexpensively, and most importantly, with a minimum of risk.
  • Appreciation for working code early in a system lifecycle. Too many projects fall into the Analysis Paralysis trap. Weeks, months, and even years go by without them delivering even a single line of working code. This actually adds risk to a project by delaying feedback about the workability and reasonableness of the requirements. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words.
  • The recognition that software development is a people-centric activity. To be successful, an organization needs to empower its people, not bind them with an overly restrictive process and methodology. The best software is written by motivated teams of developers, QA, managers, and project sponsors, working together.
  • An understanding that you can't test in quality. Quality has got to be addressed and maintained throughout the development effort. Failing to do this leaves a project with an uncertain and unpredictable test-and-fix cycle hanging over its head. By creating a strong culture of testing in the programmers and business community, a team can deliver working, tested, product quality software every day.

Let us help you incorporate these beliefs into your organization. Our goal for each client is to leave them with productive software development teams, made up of not only programmers, but the relevant business people, Quality Assurance staff, management, and any other interested and affected party. These teams will understand the importance of cooperation, collaboration, and communication in completing world-class development efforts.


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