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The Search for Zero Defect Software These slides are derived from a presentation I gave to the St. Louis Extreme Programming Users Group in September, 2003. The presentation talked about a project I have recently concluded that involved creating C++ software to communicate with and control a packaging line conveyor belt. The project was a huge success, and I learned a lot from it. I talk about the project, its intial requirements, some requirements changes that came down, causing me some interesting problems, my application architecture, and finally I work through some examples of how I used the Active Object pattern to develop the system along event-driven bounds.

In the end, this software was delivered on time, with full functionality despite late requirements changes, and, to date, has exactly 0 defects! I credit this remarkable achievement not to my superior skills as a programmer :) but to the Test Driven Development process I religiously follow.

I plan on adding articles to this page over the next few weeks that describe other technical and process issues I faced. These other articles will include topics on Using boost::threads To Implement the Active Object Pattern in C++, Using Decorator To Add Logging To a Class, The Advantages of Not Gathering All Requirements Up Front, and more.

GentleIntroductionToXP This is from a presentation I gave at the St. Louis Unix Users Group, June, 2003. In it, I describe how software projects have gotten larger and more complex than a traditional Waterfall methodology can handle. I go on to explain how an Agile process is more suited to development in today's Internet world. The rest of the talk is a description of Extreme Programming, the most popular of the Agile methods. This is the first destination to learn more about Extreme Programming. The owner of this site, Ron Jeffries, was the first XP coach, and continues to be its most vocal advocate. You can learn a lot about XP by nosing around Ron's site...
The Agile Alliance Famed in song and story, this is the home of the Agile Software movement. On this site is information about different agile methods, conferences, lots of good papers, and a history of the agile movement.

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