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Our courses are designed to impart our knowledge to your staff in the most efficient way possible. Each class is organized around many short lectures surrounded by exercises designed to emphasize what the students just heard. We have found that students retain their new-found knowledge better if they immediately begin practicing it. It is through this experience that they truly understand what they've actually learned, and what needs further attention.

  • Offerings for Managers
    • Extreme Programming Overview for Managers - 3 hour seminar that will introduce managers to the fundamental concepts and benefits of Extreme Programming and Agile Methodologies.
  • Offerings for Programming Staff and Quality Assurance
    • Experience Extreme Programming - 5 day course that will introduce your entire project team to the skills necessary to succeed on an Agile project. This course can be taught in Java, C++, C#, or any other Object Oriented Language.
    • Test Driven Development - 3 day course that teaches the students how to drive the development of their code through tests, and how to guide the emergence of a software design and architecture from that code. Intended for students already proficient in Java, C++, C#, or other Object Oriented Language.
    • Test Driven Java/C++/C#/VB.Net - 5 day course designed to introduce students to any one of the specified languages as an Object Oriented language.
    • Test Driven Web Development - 4 day course that will illustrate how to create high quality, highly testable, Java-based web solutions.
    • The Basics of Object Oriented Design - 4 day course that will introduce the basic concepts and benefits of Object Oriented software design. Topics include classes, objects, polymorphism, guidelines for creating loosely coupled systems of objects.
    • Advanced Object Oriented Design - 4 day course that will focus on discussing and using design and architectural software patterns.

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