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Let us help you on a more personal basis

Our consulting services allow us to work more closely with your people to discover what you need. We can help you become more agile, solve a particular problem, or just assess your current organizational capabilities.

  • Extreme Programming Conversions - A very intense package of training, mentoring, and consulting designed to convert your entire project team to Extreme Programming. All facets of software delivery are addressed, including understanding the business needs and priorities, planning and specifying the content, training the developers and Quality Assurance staff in development and test techniques, building a trusting relationship between all project members, and establishing a consistent pattern of feature delivery.
  • Design and Implementation Assessments - Do you have questions about the quality of the design and implementation of your systems? Many times having an independent third-party assess your projects is a valuable aid to improving your organizations. Let us come in, work alongside with your managers and developers, look at your code and designs, and talk things over with them. At the conclusion of this assessment, you will be given a written assessment of the quality of your design and implementation, and a detailed list of suggestions to improve your project.
  • Skill Assessments - - Many organizations have developers of different skill levels, and need a plan for making them all better. Agile Solutions Group can sit with your project teams, get to know each of your developers personally, and design custom programs to elevate the skill level of your team. At the conclusion of this assessment, you will be given a written assessment of each developer, and a detailed plan for giving your team the set of skills they need to be successful.

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