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Agile Solutions Group is dedicated to helping companies get more value for their software development investment. Through a mix of training, process improvement, and consulting, we will help you build strong, agile software development communities in your organization.

What makes us different is that Brian Button, Agile Solutions Group's Principal Consultant, has been through the wars. He is an expert programmer in many languages and systems, understands the power of Object Oriented Design, and knows how to share that knowledge with your staff. He also has extensive experience working with management and the business sponsors of development efforts, gaining their trust and enlisting their support for organizational change and improvements.

About Brian Button

Brian Button is the founder and Principal Consultant of Agile Solutions Group. He is responsible for creating and managing customer relations, course creation, and on-site delivery of services.

Brian has over 15 years of industry experience as a developer and as a leader. He is also active in the Agile Development community, organizing major portions of Agile Development conferences and participating in online communities. His positions have steadily increased in scope and responsibility, from strictly a developer early in his career to becoming an orgnizational change agent most recently. Brian is very experienced in introducing and implementing Extreme Programming in many organizations, handling the entire transition efforts himself. His technical qualifications include 10 years experience in Object Oriented Design and Programming and C++, 5 years experience in Java. He has presented at conferences, written articles for national publications, and is well known in his field as an instructor, consultant, and mentor.

Prior to forming Agile Solutions Group, Brian was a Senior Consultant at Object Mentor, Inc. In this role, Brian functioned as the architect for several 3-tier web-enabled projects, taught numerous classes worldwide in C++, Java, basic and advanced Object Oriented Development, Test Driven Development, and Extreme Programming, mentored hundreds of programmers into becoming better developers, and transitioned several large organizations to Agile Development and Extreme Programming.

Before joining Object Mentor, Brian was a Senior Consultant at Insight Technology Group, Inc. In this role, he was the architect responsible for developing a data transformation application critical to the operation of a major insurance company. This application was responsible for daily migrating data between the operational system into the reporting system each night, to support executive decision making and underwriting concerns. He was also a consultant and mentor to a major defense contractor, helping to teach the entire development staff C++ and Object Oriented Design and Development. Brian was also the lead developer of a group of contractors responsible for developing the core portion of an application for another major insurance company.

Before Insight Technology Group, Inc. Brian was responsible for implementing a major portion of the embedded control system for a large consumer device. In addition to his own deliverables, Brian was looked to for technical vision and advice by other developers on the project.

For more detailed information on Brian Button's qualifications and experience, please see his resume.

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